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Building engaged workforces, confident leaders, and increased results.


What We Do

We are dedicated to developing and building high-quality leaders to create an engaged workforce with increased results.


We facilitate leadership development sessions for leaders ranging from new leaders to the executive level on a variety of leadership topics.


We work one-on-one with leaders to help them identify specific areas of growth and to take action.


We work with company leaders to create a customized, internal leadership program for all levels of leadership.

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Leading Authentically to Increase Results & Engagement.

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Vos Consulting

It Starts With You!

(Latin vōs, English translation: You)

At Vos Consulting, we believe it all starts with you. In order for any of us to be successful leaders, we need to stop looking at what others should do and turn our focus to what we can do. We aim to help leaders look in the mirror to gain self-awareness on how they are showing up and to gain others-awareness on how they are impacting others. This is where it all starts!

About Me

Tacy Riehm

I am the founder of Vos Consulting LLC and have nearly 25 years experience as a facilitator, coach and consultant. I have a passion to help leaders reach their full potential. My focus is helping leaders create a deeper self-awareness and others-awareness because I believe those are the two ingredients that can help people make lasting change.

For 15 years of my career, I functioned as an Organizational Development Consultant for a Fortune 100 company working closely with leaders to create with practical solutions. For the past 5 years, I moved into external consulting working with companies from a variety of industries from biomedical, fashion, tech, manufacturing, and start-ups. I function as a consultant in three areas: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Program Design.

Featured Podcast

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The Intentional Entrepreneur Podcast

I had a super fun time being interviewed on The Intentional Entrepreneur Podcast hosted by Business Attorney, Dan X. Nguyen.
There I talked about:
* Why you should engage in difficult conversations with your team
* How COVID is stretching all companies
* Why empathy should be a part of company cultural
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