About Me

About Me

Tacy Riehm

I am the founder of Vos Consulting LLC and have nearly 25 years experience as a facilitator, coach and consultant. I have a passion to help leaders reach their full potential. My focus is helping leaders create a deeper self-awareness and others-awareness because I believe those are the two ingredients that can help people make lasting change.

For 15 years of my career, I functioned as an Organizational Development Consultant for a Fortune 100 company working closely with leaders to create with practical solutions. For the past 8 years, I moved into external consulting working with companies from a variety of industries from biomedical, fashion, tech, manufacturing, and start-ups. I function as a consultant in three areas: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Program Design.

As a facilitator, I facilitate leadership development sessions for leaders ranging from new leaders to the executive level on a variety of leadership topics. As a coach, I work one-on-one with leaders to help them identify specific areas of growth and help them take action. As a designer, I work with companies to create an internal leadership program for all levels of leadership. As a keynote speaker, I collaborate with leadership groups and organizations, assisting in the development of authentic leaders by fostering engagement and achieving tangible results.

I am located in Huntington Beach, CA but have the opportunity of partnering with companies and leaders all over the country and internationally. I am currently working with clients throughout the US, Europe, South America, and Haiti.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, as well as my Organizational Development Certificate from Brandman University and Executive Coaching & Consultation Certificate from Concordia University. I have also received certificates from DiSC, InsideOut Coaching, The Training Clinic, ATD, and Achieve Global.


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